Lois Hill Jewelry Collection

So excited to share the launch of one of our new designer collections – Lois Hill. If you appreciate the workmanship of fine jewelry you will adore Lois Hill’s designs. Her line of hand-crafted, sterling silver jewelry shows off the designer’s signature techniques such as filigree designs, hand carvings and weaving.

Jivasukha Lois Hill bracelet
Jivasukha ID Bracelet with Sterling Silver Beads and Red Silk Cord

World traveler Lois Hill has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and draws much of her inspiration for jewelry designs from this practice. One of her collections titled Jivasukha means “joyful soul” in Sanskrit. Several words and mantras from this language helped shape Lois’ life are used within her jewelry.

The Jivasukha Collection includes bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Many symbols such as hearts, peace signs and crosses are featured in this collection as well as these spiritual symbols:

Lotus Flower represents perseverance and grows in mud far away from the sun but when it reaches the light it becomes one of the most beautiful flowers.

Om symbol which represents harmony, bliss and peace.

Hamsa is known as a symbol of protection and good luck.

Aside from the Jivasukha Collection, there is also has a classic collection of jewelry by Lois Hill including the exquisite hand-woven cuff bracelet (pictured right).

Stay tuned for more pieces from the Lois Hill Collection coming soon.

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