3 Royal Emerald Jewelry Favorites

Someone who’s jewelry collection will quickly expand is the newly crowned Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Now that she has become royalty she will most likely get her hands on some breath-taking jewelry. Since it’s the beginning of May we want to highlight some of the Royal’s Emerald jewelry. Here are three of my favorite Emerald pieces that double up for multiple looks.

1. Cambridge Emerald Choker Necklace worn by Princess Diana.

As you can see from the picture, Princess Di often wore her jewelry in unconventional ways such as the famous choker worn as a headband. This Emerald necklace was a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth which was originally owned by Queen Mary.

2. The Delhi Durbar Necklace now owned by Queen Elizabeth.

The Queen inherited this Emerald necklace from Queen Mary after her passing in 1953. If you look at photos throughout the years of Queen Elizabeth, you’ll notice this necklace is clearly one of her favorites.

As if this piece wasn’t extravagant enough, the original necklace didn’t include Emerald and Diamond stones that drop unevenly from the center. They were added by the request of Queen Mary.

The Vladimir Tiara – was purchased in 1921 by Queen Mary, it was originally owned by Grand Duchess Elena Vladimir of Russia.

This is another piece that Queen Elizabeth inherited from Queen Mary. You’ll notice this tiara looks very closely like a tiara Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana often wore with Pearls. Well it’s actually the same tiara. It was originally made with Pearls but are now interchangeable for Emeralds.


1. Snake Bracelet adorned with 2 3/4 Carat Cognac Quartz and Black & White Diamonds. This is a really classy way to have a snake inspired look that doesn’t leave you looking tacky.


2. Butterfly Ring in 14K yellow Gold is a great addition to a Spring time outfit. The perfect accessory for a sunny day – now let’s just get Mother Nature to cooperate with us and keep that sun shining everyday. For those who would prefer this piece in a necklace or earrings – we have that too.

3. Spider Earrings – I know these creepy crawlers sound like an odd design you would want on your ears but these black and white diamonds earrings are actually quite stunning on and one of our most popular animal themed pieces.

4. Firefly Pendant – The colors of the Kunzite and Rhodolite Garnet pair perfectly with the diamonds and yellow gold.

Panther Bracelet – If I was standing in front of a panther, I would be scared for my life but after seeing this bracelet for the first time I wanted to put it on immediately. It’s gorgeous! Also, if this style of bracelet is good enough for the Duchess of Windsor, it’s good enough for me ;)

What are some of your favorite jewelry worn by the Royal family?

One thought on “3 Royal Emerald Jewelry Favorites

  1. IndiviJewels May 4, 2011 / 8:06 pm

    Love the Delhi Durbar Necklace the two drops make it for me.


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