Mommy-To-Be Tina Fey’s Sexy Librarian Style

I’m a huge 30 Rock fan, and these on-again off-again rumors of the shows “uncertain future” have me wanting to curl up with some night cheese and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, Liz Lemon style.

What is clear, however is that the lovely Tina Fey is pregnant with her second child. As if her body is so accustomed to the rhythms of showbiz, she’s due right before filming would start again for next season (and there WILL be a next season, RIGHT Tina??).

Maybe it’s because we see her so often as the semi-shleppy looking Liz Lemon, that when Tina’s on the red carpet, you almost have to do a double take. It’s almost like Liz Lemon stepped into a phone booth emerged as fashion Superwoman. Note the glam lady-in-red we see here (with those gorgeous leaf earrings).

That said it’s her everyday look I love the best. Tina Fey has almost single handedly breathed new life into the sexy-librarian look. She does it with a sense of dork-power-chic that most of us can only hope to imitate. I just love the cats eyes glasses, the blazers and the trench coats you often see her in, but she has this sense about her like she’s not sure she looks like the bees knees.

I think I may have identified the problem. Looking through a bunch of Tina Fey photos online, I noticed that when she’s in day to day mode, she’s almost never wearing jewelry. And sometimes, that’s all it takes to make an otherwise great outfit feel complete. Given her classic tastes, I think the best thing would just be a simple pair of studs and a nice pendant. Classic, understated, super sexy. Note to Tina Fey’s husband: Mothers Day x 2. Wink. Nudge.

Photo by PR Photos

One thought on “Mommy-To-Be Tina Fey’s Sexy Librarian Style

  1. Dennis April 21, 2011 / 2:42 pm

    She is an anomaly! Classy, sophisticated and hilarious!!


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