The Siblings Gyllenhaal

The new thriller Source Code hit theatres lastweek and critics seem to be saying its surprisingly good.  A Memento-meets-Groundhog Day-meets-Inception that actually makes sense.  Read more about the movie here.

While I am always eager for a good mind-bender, I must confess, I think that it’s the films star, Jake Gyllenhaal, that will actually get me to shell out for the ticket.

I swear, it’s not JUST a celebrity crush thing. I’m a huge fan of the siblings Gyllenhaal. Not only do they both deliver performances with enough nuance to make a grown man cry, they just have that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes them infinitely watchable, but with an edge that never quite lets you off the hook.

Maggie in particular has this perfect blend of unnerving vulnerability and quiet strength that’s just magic on the big screen. Off screen, she’s equally as compelling. Fashion-wise, she wears a lot of satin, and asymmetrical or plunging necklines, and usually manages to look both glamourous AND comfortable. I also love that she’s not afraid to take fashion risks.

She almost always wears a pair of fancy dangle earrings, which are a great way to elongate a roundish face. In the picture here, you’ll notice that she’s kind of wearing a lot of jewelry, but nothing is over done. I particularly like pairing the bangle bracelets with the sleeveless dress – it serves to visually break up the length of bare skin and adds a little extra pizazz to the outfit. As we move into warmer weather season, it’s not a good concept to follow when you’re wearing sleeveless dresses or tank tops.

Jake, on the other hand, prefers a more dashing, dapper, Mad Men-inspired style as of late. It’s a nice shift from the  Jake Of The Ubiquitous Beanie look a few years back. This look lets his classic but rugged good looks shine so much more. I mean just look at those eyes! That thick head of hair! That scruff! If he and John Hamm ever got into a staring contest the world might just implode under the condensed weight of all that pretty-boy-turned-grown-man charm and swagger.

One last Gyllenhaal fun fact to leave you with – Jake and Maggie actually decent from Swedish nobility. Maybe that accounts for the seemingly unfair distribution of style and grace in one family.

Photos by PR Photos

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