5 iPhone Apps to Make You More Fashionable

For those of you who are iPhone users you already know there are plenty of useless apps out there.  Lots of us at Ice are iPhone users and we’re often on the lookout for the best fashion focused apps to inspire us. We’ve compiled a list of some apps we find help us get into the right fashion forward mood.

1. Style.com – For the more serious fashionista, this app gives you a front row seat at all the latest runway shows and Fashion Week events around the world. It features tons of high-quality photos and videos of what’s hot this season. And it’s free!

Screenshot from Stylebook

2. Redlaser – If you’re looking to save a few extra bucks while shopping – and who isn’t? – download this app for free. Next time you’re out shopping and find something you wish wasn’t so expensive – scan the barcode with your phone and a list will pop up of where you can find that product for less. Brilliant? We think so.

3. Stylebook – I can sometimes be obsessively organized with certain things so I love the idea of this app. It’s basically a closet manager.  Photograph every item in your closet -which is annoying but just do it. Now you have your whole wardrobe with you at all times which comes in handy when shopping. No more buying 3 navy cardigans (unless you want to). It allows you to organize your clothes, shoes & accessories in categories and put outfits together similar to Polyvore. It’s really helpful when packing for an upcoming vacation. This one isn’t free though, costs $3.99.

4. Chicfeed – This app allows you to scroll through photos from the top fashion blogs. Seeing is believing. People want to look at pictures to inspire their own fashion sense and this is exactly what Chicfeed does.

5. Fashism – The scenario is: you’re shopping alone trying on items in the changing room and need a second opinion.You don’t trust the salesperson’s opinion since they’re just trying to make a sale. Who are you going to ask? How about taking a pic of yourself in the mirror of the changing room and posting it online and getting thousands of people voting on whether you should buy it. Get responses in seconds to ease your mind that you do or don’t look fab in that leopard dress. Fashism is free.

What are some of your favorite apps? Would you want an Ice.com app? If so, what features would you be interested in?

2 thoughts on “5 iPhone Apps to Make You More Fashionable

  1. IndiviJewels April 4, 2011 / 6:07 pm

    I just purchased an ipad and iphone at xmas, Not really into my gadgets but learning to use these machines lol. I will try to add this app to my phone as it looks good as for my favorite apps I have the news, weather and book apps at the mo how sad I’m I.I think if Ice got an app it would be great and more of the same as for the features.


  2. fashion jewelry and accessories November 13, 2011 / 2:18 pm

    Useful Information.Thank You For Sharing


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