Katy Perry glams it up in Germany

Katy Perry's earrings look elegant.Katy Perry has been known to wear some rather, shall we say, unorthodox things in the public eye. From the blue wig she sported recently to the cupcake bra she made famous in the video for her hit single California Girls, it seems like Perry can always be trusted to push the limits of fashion. However, she was all glam and traditional recently at the launch of her new perfume Purr at Douglas Shop in Cologne, Germany.

“Cologne” – the English word we use to mean fragrance – derives from the German city, which was the birthplace of “eau de Cologne” and still houses the Farina Fragrance Museum, so it’s no surprise that Perry was there to promote her new perfume.

But the normally flamboyant songstress was all class in a lavender gown, long, dark eyelashes and a pair of sparkling diamond earrings. Perry looked as elegant as ever with her shimmering jewelry and unique frock.

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