Elizabeth Taylor: Film & Fashion Icon (1932-2011)

July 1947

Just last month we were talking about our favorite Oscar jewelry looks and couldn’t help but mention the violet-eyed beauty Elizabeth Taylor.

Early this morning the legendary actress passed away at the age of 79.

Although the actress earned three Oscar awards she was most often in the headlines for her marriages, fashion sense and humanitarian work. Along with millions of admirers around the world, we not only loved her as an actress but also for her jewelry collection.

Her passion for jewelry led her to write a book, Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry, name her perfumes after her favorite gemstone – White Diamond and own one of the most desired jewelry collections. Taylor was never seen without a little extra sparkle – even to a trip last month to the hospital. Most famously her (twice) ex-husband Richard Burton gave her a pear shaped diamond which at the time was the most expensive diamond at $1 million. It was later sold in an auction to build a school.

Taylor loved to look her best and dazzle in her jewels but was also well known for her charitable work to help those in need.  She often auctioned her famous jewelry collection to raise money for causes she believed in,  including one of her most treasured pieces, the emerald & diamond engagement ring from Richard Burton. “Please know that it is not easy for me to give it away. It is only my commitment to AIDS that persuaded me to let it go. My love is inside that ring forever”, Taylor said.

Elizabeth Taylor was a star. She will never be forgotten. We send our deepest condolences to her family and friends. In lieu of flowers, please contribute to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

One thought on “Elizabeth Taylor: Film & Fashion Icon (1932-2011)

  1. IndiviJewels March 28, 2011 / 7:24 am

    Its a sad day for the world such a wonderful person in all aspects.


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