What To Do With Old Jewelry

A topaz and blue diamond ring will be a great addition to a cleaned-out jewelry box.Spring is almost here and it’s the perfect time to clean out your jewelry box to make room for new pieces you’ll collect throughout the year. However, what should you do with your old gold jewelry?

1. Gift it. Whether you have a friend that has been eyeing a certain pair of earrings or a relative that has always wanted Grandma’s necklace, gifting your jewelry is a cost-effective but sentimental option.

2. Store it. If a piece has significant sentimental value, buy protective jewelry bags and store the item in a safe place. Hold on to the jewelry so that you can pass the piece on to your younger sister or daughter some day.

3. Resell it. “Work with a brick-and-mortar business staffed by people with a graduate gemology degree…and longtime experience,” InStyle magazine reports. “If the amount you’re offered seems low, seek out a second opinion from another jeweler.”

With more room in your jewelry box, you’re free to buy a few new pieces with which to start the new year, like a trendy cocktail ring or a bold pair of earrings.

One thought on “What To Do With Old Jewelry

  1. Gold Rush Exchange February 13, 2012 / 12:54 pm

    Good options for what to do with the jewelry you may not wear or want anymore.


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