Base Your Outfit Around Your Jewelry

Design your outfit around a statement necklace.While accessories are often afterthoughts, they can also be the starting point of a great ensemble. When putting together an outfit for a night out, instead of heading to your closet, first check out your jewelry box.

"When I get dressed, I'll start with an accessory, then put a look together very quickly," jewelry designer Ranjana Khan told Marie Claire magazine. "You can't be afraid of big, bold pieces. Just don't think so much about it. Look in the mirror, and if you're happy with the end result, head out the door."

Don't be afraid of bold pieces, but stick to one if you're wearing a simple ensemble. It will keep your look balanced.

"Wear jewelry that can be seen from across the room, not just across the table," Khan advised in the publication. A great statement necklace looks striking with a basic black dress.

If you have a set of jewelry you adore, such as diamond earrings with a matching necklace, make sure your outfit will highlight the items. Wear short sleeves to showcase bracelets, and pin back your hair to draw attention to earrings.

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