3 Ways To Accessorize Date Night

This necklace will be especially alluring on a romantic date.Picking out great jewelry for an everyday ensemble isn’t usually that difficult – you simply select the pieces that pair best with your outfit. When getting dressed for date night, however, why not sport some bling that will add to the evening’s romantic atmosphere?

Here are three pieces of jewelry that will pair nicely with the romance of date night.

1. Pink gems. Whether you rock rubies or pink sapphires, rose-hued stones will subtly enhance your femininity. A pink cocktail ring is demure and will add just the right amount of glitter to an ensemble.

2. A long necklace. Wear a long pendant necklace that stops just above a plunging neckline. It will be a sparkling (and sultry!) addition to any outfit.

3. An anklet. While this piece may seem an unlikely choice for winter weather, an anklet is a great way to add a demure amount of shine – and is especially alluring if you plan to kick off your shoes and curl up in front of the fire!

One thought on “3 Ways To Accessorize Date Night

  1. Dennis February 22, 2011 / 2:38 am

    I like it! Men, always wear a timepiece. Look sharp!


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