Best Accessory Award Goes to Claire Danes

Close up Claire Danes Sparkling Gold Cuff #goldenglobes  on TwitpicWith the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and Grammy Awards done we are still thinking about one particular look that we just adore.

Claire Danes has been a favorite of many since her days on the short-lived TV show My So-Called Life. She stole our hearts as the grungy looking outcast in the 90’s and has grown to be an incredibly classy woman. Simplicity was the theme of her Golden Globes look. Her Calvin Klein gown was the perfect shade of pink in my opinion.

One of the most dazzling parts of her ensemble was the sleek cuff bracelet shining on her left arm. I couldn’t help but notice it since it closely resembles one on my favorite new pieces on This bangle bracelet would be perfect for a swanky event or even a night out with the girls with a pair of jeans, heels and a cute top.

Style tip: Wear a bracelet on each wrist! Danes proved her favorite accessories are bracelets at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. She wore one on each wrist that complimented her floral belted gown. I personally never thought of wearing a bracelet on each wrist before but I will be testing it out. Will you?

One thought on “Best Accessory Award Goes to Claire Danes

  1. IndiviJewels February 17, 2011 / 10:05 am

    I watched the golden globes to see what the stars were wearing and Claire did stand out in her dress which is a lovely colour and the cuff bracelet just complimented it which in its self looks fantastic.


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