Vintage Inspired Looks Rule 2011

This cocktail ring will evoke the past while looking fresh.This year, there are plenty of exciting new trends hitting the runways. Among the most popular looks this season are clothing items and jewelry pieces inspired by years past. Want to rock the look? Here are a few ways you can try it:

1. Wear a pin. Hats and scarves are great accessories, but a brooch on a cardigan is supreme. However, pay attention to this special piece – remember to remove it from your sweater before throwing clothes in the washing machine!

2. Don bracelets over your gloves. This is a look that would make Audrey Hepburn proud, (and one that will keep you warm in the wintertime). To execute flawlessly, select gloves that are thin and well-fitting, as bracelets paired with loose knits can look frumpy.

3. Cocktail rings – even at the office! While you may be used to sporting these statement pieces on nights out on the town, a cocktail ring is a great way to add retro flair to any outfit. Floral shapes, colored stones and elaborate settings are ideal.

This year, don’t feel badly about dwelling on the past – what was once old is now new again!

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