A Unique Approach to Pearls

A Unique Approach to PearlsPearls are classic, but they’re also current and hip. Here’s how to elevate them from timeless to timely.

1. Pair them with silver. After you’ve thrown on your leather coat and are finishing off the look, stack on silver bangles which will offer a sexy contrast to the feminine strand of pearls around your neck. The juxtaposition of the metal against the pearls offers an updated twist to your appearance.

2. Layer your pearls. The more the merrier in this case. Instead of one sweet pearl necklace, pile them on and be sure to choose strands of different lengths. By layering different lengths, sizes and colors, you create an interesting look that says you’re a girly girl with some edge.

3. Wear them with casual threads. Most women use pearls to dress up an ensemble, but they can go with low-key items too. Throw on a pair of jeans and your favorite knee high boots and top off the look with a pair of pearl studs or a long pearl necklace.

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