Make Your Summer Jewelry Work This Winter

This turquoise pendant can be worn in both the summer and wintertime.While many women have likely stored their summer garments now that winter is here, ladies may want to think about keeping out jewelry that is usually worn in warm weather. Summer jewelry can still work in the colder months as long as you style it appropriately.

Turquoise pieces are fantastic at summertime cocktail parties, but they also look beautiful when paired with plush cashmere sweaters. The bold stones can hold their own against thick, chunky knits, but opt for garments in softer colors like taupe that won't contrast with the bright jewelry.

If you are heading out on a date, wear a delicate ankle bracelet. The piece looks elegant with a long dress and pumps, and it will be an unexpected flash if you end up hanging out barefoot by the fire.

In the winter, many women sport all-black ensembles. Coral jewelry will add a pop of color to a dark outfit, and the rich hue will hold its own against a black get-up.

Summer jewelry can be worn in the winter, but remember that it may be exposed to snow and sleet, so protect your pieces when you head outside.

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