Enliven Your Winter Wardrobe: 3 Easy Ways

This stunning ring will add that extra pop every winter wardrobe calls for.Many women might feel a little blue when the cold weather hits, but accenting your winter wardrobe with fun pieces can help cheer you up.

1. Pile on the bangle bracelets. During the winter a girl shouldn’t be afraid to stack bangles around her wrist. Don’t go overboard, but the addition of glittering bangles can take a winter wardrobe from drab to fab.

2. Opt for bright pieces: turquoise pendants, emerald earrings, pink sapphire bracelets. The easiest way to add a little cheer to your look is by adding color. Just because your winter clothes consist mainly of blacks and grays doesn’t mean a pop of color can’t be added. The best way to start the day is by throwing on your favorite piece of jewelry in a rich tone that immediately catches the eye.

3. Choose fun items: a cocktail ring with a unique embellishment or a pendant in an unexpected shape will create interest and be a fun accent to your outfit. Necklaces with interesting shapes and pendants are just one of many options for ladies during the winter. Cocktail rings with bright hued gems and intricate patterns make for excellent additions to anyone’s wardrobe.

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