3 Tips for Traveling in Style

Travel in style with essential jewelry piecesBefore boarding the plane this holiday season, whether you’re visiting family or taking an exotic vacation, be sure to pack some essential jewelry pieces that will allow you to dash from the tarmac to a special event without a hitch.

1. Carry-on your favorite items. Any experienced traveler worth her salt knows that at the airport, delays are to be expected. To make sure that you’ll still look fab, even if your luggage is lost or your plane is late, make sure to tuck your bling into a silk travel purse stashed in your carry-on bag.

2. Make a gold watch your travel staple. Electronics can be unreliable when you’re on the road. To stay punctual (and stylish), keep a gold watch on standby at all times. Slip it onto your wrist while jetting off for cocktails, a soiree or a family gathering once you arrive at your destination.

3. Stock up on statement pieces. When you’re en route, chic cocktail rings and statement necklaces are excellent choices. They’re space-efficient ways to create multiple outfits and dress-up your look in no time.

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