5 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Every woman gets excited at the sight of a sleek jewelry box tied with a cute ribbon. However, put that under the Christmas tree and the surprise is ruined. There’s no doubt they’ll know they’re getting jewelry as a gift. This holiday season, if you’re looking to surprise your man or woman with the gift of jewelry we have some fun ideas that might get a surprise out of them.

  • Tie it in a bow: If you’re giving an inexpensive piece of jewelry that isn’t part of the main gift you can use the jewelry as decor for the wrapping of the larger gift. Wrap the main gift and tie a fabric bow around it and attach a pair of earrings, brooch, bracelet or whatever piece of jewelry you’re giving. Just make sure it’s noticeable and doesn’t end up in the trash.
  • Flower her with jewels: If you’re gal loves flowers, pick out a bouquet of her favorites. Attach a watch, bracelet or necklace around the stems for an added surprise.
  • For the Chocoholic: Next to diamonds, chocolates are a girl’s (and guy’s) best friend. Get a box of their favorite chocolates and remove 1 or 2 of the chocolates and replace it with a pair of stud earrings or cufflinks. Bonus: You get to eat the chocolate you removed 🙂
  • Wine lover:  Wine is always a great gift for the connoisseur in your life. Wrap it in the traditional wine gift bag with tissue paper but add a watch, bracelet or necklace around the neck of the bottle for a surprise.
  • Smokers club: For the man in your life that likes to indulge in a good cigar every once in awhile will you can throw him off track by adding a ring around one of the cigars in the box.

Let us know if you try any of these gift wrapping ideas or share some of your own.

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