Glittering Black and Red Accessories Ideal for Holiday Bashes

A black diamond ring will add a touch of sparkle for the holiday seasonAs the holiday season gets underway, many will start receiving invitations to festive parties and soirees, so of course it’s essential to look your best, and what better way to do that than by opting for the perfect piece of jewelry.

Black diamonds have been a huge trend this fall. Pair them with rubies and they’ll serve you well this winter, too. Ruby earrings with a black diamond bangle bracelet make a perfect combination – and you won’t look like you’re trying to hard (an essential component of looking good).

Wear a black diamond cocktail ring and don a ruby bracelet on the opposite wrist. The glittering pieces will be festive, not tacky. They’ll also serve as great conversation starter if you’re mingling with new people.

The holidays are the time to kick it into full-on glamour mode. The sign of a true fashionista is taking a traditional item and using it in an unconventional way. Show your stuff when it counts and weave a ruby or black diamond necklace into an updo and pair the look with sparkling diamond earrings.

The best part about pairing black and red is that they easily complement a little black dress or a pair of dark denim jeans and plush fur coat.

One thought on “Glittering Black and Red Accessories Ideal for Holiday Bashes

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    Simply this is too good. Thanks buddy. Great post.


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