Fan of the Week – Cristina Pisciuneri

Cristina“As soon as I saw this Diamond Bow necklace,  I had to have it. The vintage look of it compliments my personal style really well!”said Cristina Pisciuneri. This young Music Licensing Coordinator saw the necklace posted on the Facebook page and immediately left a comment telling us she just purchased it. Total impulse buy that she is so happy about making.

Rose Gold Diamond Bow NecklaceShe paired the gold necklace with a cute floral top with similar hues of color and a fitted blazer for a perfect “at the office” look. You can get this Rose Gold Diamond necklace and other bow inspired pieces at Thanks Cristina for sharing your picture!

We’d love to see more pictures from our wonderful fans pairing their jewelry with great outfits. Share your pictures with us on Facebook or  send them to and you could be our Fan of the Week!

One thought on “Fan of the Week – Cristina Pisciuneri

  1. Rosa maltese December 8, 2010 / 3:11 pm

    all i want from santa is a well deserved New Year!!! This year was and is tough my fian’ce was laid off and they cut my hours at my job..and it goes on.I am sure their are alot of people that are in my situation.but i want to thank for letting me share my story…thanks again holidays!!!


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