Be classy, not flashy, at fundraisers

Black and white diamond earrings offer a bold statement without being ostentatious.Fall tends to be the season of non-stop charity events and galas. If you fancy yourself a fashionista, now’s the perfect time to break out the designer duds and show off your style. But when you’re heading to a charity bash, is piling on the bling a faux-pas? Young women should keep it low-key so that the worthy initiative remains the focus. The next time you attend a glam event, charm your friends and outdo your frenemies by donning simple pieces that look polished – not show-stealing.

Though ostentatious jewelry can seem in poor taste, a little shimmer is necessary. Here’s our take on sparkling items: large heirloom pieces are like badges of honor, you have to work your way up to them. Ladies who’ve been hitting the society circuit for years can get away with a diamond and ruby-encrusted broach, but those who are new to the game shouldn’t shy away from something chic and subtle, like an emerald pendant necklace.

Don’t over-do it. If you’re planning to don a sparkling cocktail ring, skip the statement necklace. Bangle bracelets and hoop earrings in a smooth metal are tasteful, but avoid piling on too many eye-catching items.

If you really want to play it safe, search for one bold piece. A pair of black and white diamond earrings are perfect go-tos.

Leave the serious ice for a more festive occasion, like your boyfriend’s birthday bash or a girl’s night out.

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