The Perfect Jewels for a Layered Look

A chic gold bangle will add that touch of class every layered look begs forThe fall and winter seasons tend to be a time when people begin to pile on the clothing in order to stay warm. Many looks from the runway feature various tunics layered beneath luxurious cardigans and topped off with a chic jacket and plush scarf. For those who love a little sparkle in their look, there are several ways to rock your favorite pieces of jewelry without going overboard.

The trick? When you’re outfit is intricate, keep your jewelry straightforward. Very simple jewelry pieces will perfectly complement a layered look.

Instead of looking fussy with too many rings or necklaces, a gold or silver piece pulls the look together. Traditional gold and silver bangles will add a touch of sophistication ground the entire ensemble.

In addition to smooth metals, consider pearl stud earrings – when combined with soft sweaters, billowy scarves and flowing dresses, they’ll create a rich and opulent feel.

Of course, as the weather begins to turn drab, some may feel inclined to add more color to their wardrobe to ward off the winter blues. Turquoise, coral or amber hues offer visual warmth even as the temperatures plummet. Throw on a simple turquoise ring or pink diamond necklace before heading out and your layered look will appear polished, not busy. Diamonds go great with a layered look, but can also be worn with several other pieces hanging in your closet.

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