3 Ways to Accessorize Your Fall Wardrobe

A gold watch can warm up any autumnal ensemble.With autumn in full gear, it is a great time to wear fantastic jewelry that enhances the latest fall fashions, but many women may not be sure how to rock their baubles to best accent their fresh duds.

1. Layer your jewelry. Wearing multiple necklaces is a great way to create a beautiful and dynamic look. Ladies who want to add drama can layer strands of pearls in a variety of lengths, and gals who want a softer appearance can opt to wear simple gold chains instead.

2. Mix your pieces. For a truly striking appearance, wear items that boast a variety of colors and textures. Pair gem-laden bangles with a smooth gold cuff, or a silver pendant and a bold gold cocktail ring.

3. Wear a gold watch. While summer is perfect for lighter jewelry, a bold gold timepiece is both classic and fashion forward when the cold weather hits. The watch is classic addition that will complement the warm and rich tones synonymous with fall fashion.

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