Think Pink & Smile for a Cure Sweepstakes

Breast Cancer Awareness Month has come to an end. Thanks to all our fans and customers who sent in their moving stories to the and Comedy Cures “Think Pink & Smile for a Cure Sweepstakes”.

We are thrilled to finally announce the grand prize winner of the gorgeous Diamond Stud Earrings and the story that earned the most votes (1557 to be exact!!) Congrats to Nichole Lorkowski! We’d like to share her touching story with all of you:

“Lucky to be here today” – By Nichole Lorkowski

Three years ago I was just a busy wife and mother of four beautiful and active children. Then one day that all changed…during a routine exam my doctor sent me for an ultrasound for a pain I was having.

1 Carat Diamond Stud earrings won by Nichole Lorkowski

During the ultrasound the technician for some reason we will never know checked more than she was told to and found a mass (completely unrelated to the pain I was having). After weeks of testing it was official, I had cancer.

I was devastated!! How could this be? When you hear those words all rational goes right out the window and you just think you are going to die!! It was just before Christmas and the doctor wanted to do surgery right away but I refused because I needed to have one last Christmas with my children.

So surgery was set for January and we had the best Holiday I can ever remember! We all took time to really appreciate the season and each other.

I have had 3 surgeries so far and have had a lot of problems physically, emotionally & financially, but none of that matters because I am so grateful to be given this extra time with my family.

I thank God everyday for sending that guardian angel to me in the form of an x-ray technician who ended up saving my life.

I felt like the luckiest woman in the world and am so thankful for the second chance I have been given!!!

Congrats Nichole! We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your earrings.

Lucky to be here today!

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