Halloween jewelry: Festive sparkle will complete your costume

Take a page from Katie Couric and channel Marilyn Monroe this HalloweenHalloween is only days away, and while some ladies may be working on ways to achieve the perfect poof (a la Snooki), or choosing between a pink or platinum Lady Gaga wig, those who are still trying to narrow down their costumes can use jewelry as a jumping off point.

Blonde bombshells reign supreme, and who better to draw inspiration from than the original fair-haired beauty, Marilyn Monroe? If gentleman really do prefer blondes, slipping on a pink satin pink gown and draping layers of diamonds around your neck will ensure that you’re a hit at the party.

Another blonde known for her over-the-top persona(and near-excessive jewelry) is ’80s-era Madonna. A cross necklace, plenty of bangle bracelets and large hoop earrings will complete your Madge-esque ensemble.

Those who are sticking with a more traditional costume, like a devil, can jazz up their cheeky ensemble with a cute devil pendant. It will offer a sweet touch to your sinister get-up!

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