4 tips to go from work to play

Big, bold cocktail ring can elevate an evening ensemble.Carrying on a semi-normal social life can be tricky for a woman with a full-time job. After all, with days consumed by meetings and conference calls, it’s rare that you’ll have time to go home and change before a romantic date or an after-work dinner with friends.

Instead of rushing around, trying to squeeze too many to-do items into too short a time, here are a few ensemble-enlivening tips that will seamlessly transform your work outfit from business-casual to after-hours chic.

1. Transform that little black dress: A structured blazer and pair of opaque tights can easily add a dose of professionalism to a little black dress. When the clock strikes six, throw on a jeweled cardigan, sheer stockings and a pair of stilettos, and you’ll be ready to take on the town.

2. Add some sparkle: Don’t forget to accessorize with a jeweled cocktail ring or a great statement necklace. These glittering pieces will easily elevate your get-up, and you’ll be ready for an evening event.

3. Protect your pieces: While bringing jewelry to work will enable you to quickly add glamor to your outfit before stepping out, you’ll want to store the items carefully. A silk-lined jewelry travel bag will keep your precious pieces safe until they are ready to be worn.

4. Touch-up your makeup: Remember to freshen up your face as well, as your makeup may fade throughout the day. A deep, shimmery eyeshadow or a bold red lip is a quick way to infuse your after-work look with a bit of extra drama.

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