Keep black from looking boring this fall

Emerald jewelry will liven up an all-black ensemble.While black is a staple of most ladies' wardrobes year round, the dark hue usually becomes even more popular in the cooler months of fall and winter. Though this tone can be elegant and timeless, women should be wary of wearing too much black as the seasons turn.

"I think a flat, black outfit not only does nothing to break up your style, but it also gives a little bit of a sad, boring quality to your look," celebrity stylist and My Body My Style host Sam Saboura told, adding, "I think if you choose to mix black with the right colors, you can make it less severe for fall and look totally on trend."

Designer Catherine Malandrino suggested mixing dark blue, emerald and burgundy into all-black ensembles. An emerald pendant or a pair of ruby earrings is a great way to break up a dark monochromatic outfit and to infuse your look with a bit of fashion-forward flair.

Bold metals are another wonderful way to keep an all-black look from appearing too sullen. Consider donning an intricate gold brooch or a few chunky silver bangles. Black will never be boring again.

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