Opal: A Brief History of the October Birthstone

Opal jewelry looks lovely on everyone.It’s October, one of the most beloved times of the entire year. Of course, this month represents one of the most beautiful birthstones out there – opal.

The opal gemstone has a rich and fascinating history. The stone’s name is derived from the Latin “opalus,” which means precious jewel. The ancient Romans dubbed opals “cupid paederos,” which translates to “a child beautiful as love.”

Thousands of years ago, rulers often wore the glittering orbs to guard their power and ensure their safety. Ancient monarchs placed the stones in their crowns to protect themselves from enemies and ward off evil. At times, opals were even ground up and consumed to protect an individual from nightmares.

It’s no surprise that people have been transfixed by this beautiful bauble throughout most of history. The stone glows and shimmers in the light and casts a warm glow on the wearer’s skin, making opal a popular birthstone, regardless of your birthday.

One thought on “Opal: A Brief History of the October Birthstone

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