How the Ice Princess Rocks Cool Glam

cool glam originalIs there a fashion archetype more admired or intimidating than the Ice Queen? The woman who embodies’s Fall Style Guide trend of Cool Glam is one of unattainable beauty.

In film, this frosty vixen came in the form of blondes from Alfred Hitchcock films. More recently, Tilda Swinton was fierce and fabulous as the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia.

Alberta Feretti and Louis Vuitton both paid tribute to this icon in their Fall 2010 collections. Fashionistas on the street are also upholding this glamorous ideal with dresses in cool pastel silks and severe platinum hair.

The use of crystal embroidery adds the icy look to dresses and accessories. Of course, if you really want posh, the ‘ice’ should refer to diamonds. has several cool pieces that bring out the snow princess in me. Sparkling pastel stones accented with diamonds is the perfect combination for showing cool glamour.

cool glam pendant pic original

The 2 ½ carat blue topaz necklace in white gold is a dramatic way to dress up a simple white outfit. It shines through colder climates (and chilly personalities!)

cool glam earring pic

The demure blue topaz earrings from ringed in diamonds are an elegant way to show poise and grace under pressure.

Of course, if you really want to intimidate the minions, you can’t go wrong with an ‘Ice Power Ring’ like the lemon quartz, blue topaz and diamond ring weighing in over 4 carats.

Shopping is my favorite way of staying chill for autumn. With the temperature cooling down, what better way to heat things up than a sexy new look?

-Mariana Leung
Founder/Editor of Ms. Fabulous
Non-runway photos by Mariana Leung and Ritika Wahal

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