Take Me Back With Vintage Chic

vintage chicMs. Fabulous is feeling romantic. I perused Ice.com’s Fall 2010 Style Guide for Vintage Chic and found this trend positively poetic.

For fashion, vintage brings to mind details from years past. Look for faded floral prints, artisan techniques and dreamy ruffles. Christian Dior and Kenzo both took you back to storybook fantasies for their fall collections. On the street, hipster girls are flaunting retro-prints on handbags. Vintage details are found on shoes with raffia and velvet.

Vintage chic bracelet pic

In jewelry, the fairy tale look is achieved with majestic stones and scrollwork. Elaborate engravings in updated shapes give you a modern medieval elegance. At first glance, Ice.com’s diamond-studded silver and yellow rhodium bracelet looks like a Baroque antique piece. Upon closer inspection, it bangle is a unique pattern of two-tone metals and glittering stones.

vintage chic ring shot
I was pleasantly surprised to find that my other favorite piece from the Vintage Chic style guide was wallet-friendly as well. Yellow gold frames a gorgeous 4 ½ carat ametrine stone in this statement ring. The changing colors within the stone give it a mystical quality. The ornate gold scrollwork around the jewel makes one look like a princess.

Some ladies are waiting for a prince to bring them a spectacular heart necklace like the black and white diamond pendant as a token of their love. Me? I prefer to slay the dragon myself and reap my own rewards.

-Mariana Leung
Founder/Editor of Ms. Fabulous
Non-runway photos by Mariana Leung and Ritika Wahal

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