Reign of the Drama Queen

drama_queen_1In the first of the Ms. Fabulous’ series on key fall trends, our team is working with and their Fall 2010 Style Guide to bring you the top styles in fashion and jewelry for each look.

The Real Housewives of < Enter City Here > are ruling the reality show circuit. Lady Gaga rose to the top of the music charts as much for her theatricality as the music. Let’s face it; this is not the season for wallflowers. So what do you need to make your dramatic entrance?

Every fashion diva has her arsenal of little black dresses. Black is striking and can be interpreted into every texture and silhouette. Add a rich pop color to that, and you have an unstoppable combination.

Designers Yves Saint-Lauren, Miu Miu and Dolce & Gabbana created drama on the runway. Sculpted silhouettes in black were paired with rich accent colors in fall 2010 collections.

This approach works with jewelry as well.’s Fall Style Guide shows us that black diamonds are running hot for autumn, as exemplified in their Drama Queen collection. A rarer alternative to the traditional diamond, black diamonds don’t have the same sparkle as the crystal clear kind, but offer a sleeker, cosmopolitan look. They can be set into a sculpted necklace or paired with a colored stone in earrings.

I personally loved’s black diamond pendant in an antique key motif. It strikes an elegant note with a formal outfit, but stills gives sophisticated edge to a more casual one. Our Ms. Fabulous photographer chose the black diamond and rose de France earrings to wear with her favorite taffeta blouse.

If black diamonds aren’t in your budget, opt for semi-precious stones like hematite and onyx. My picks here would be’s leaf earrings in sterling silver and onyx.

With the perfect outfit and great jewelry, you will always be ready for the world stage. Do you hear applause? You have earned it Take a bow.

-Mariana Leung
Founder/Editor of Ms. Fabulous
Non-runway photos by Mariana Leung and Ritika Wahal

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