Charm bracelets are perfect for recent grads

A charm bracelet is a wonderful gift for a grad.Charm bracelets have been very popular lately, and though all women can appreciate the vintage charm and sentimental value of the pieces, they make especially ideal gifts for recent high school or college graduates.

Students who are finishing up their studies will love the pieces, which can be geared toward their interests – whether the young grad is a thespian who adores the spotlight, or an athlete who loves competition, you can hand-pick charms that suits their personality.

Family members can make a point of purchasing a charm for each big life event – milestones such as completing a first semester at college or landing a job can be commemorated with a new addition to their bracelet.

When buying a charm bracelet, make sure to consider your special someone’s personal style and choose the appropriate metal. Does she typically don gold or silver? If she wears both, white gold is an excellent choice, as the metal boasts a warm, neutral color that works for most women.

One thought on “Charm bracelets are perfect for recent grads

  1. beading2go October 12, 2010 / 1:09 pm

    This bracelet is very nice and very original for graduates


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