Trend Spotting: Mad Men inspired retro-chic.

Are you a Joan, a Peggy of a Betty?
Hand in hand with the resurgence in fedoras is a more wide-reaching trend that is bringing some retro looks back in a serious way. You could just call it the natural cycle of fashion, but I think it has more than a little to do with the best-dressed show in America.

In the fashion world, we’re all positively obsessed with Mad Men. The dresses! The lines! The curves! The colors! Rarely has a television show had such a big impact on fashion as this one. Season 4 just began and I, for one am riding this trend all the way to the 23rd floor, if you know what I mean.

I did a little hunting around and found three great retro-inspired jewelry pieces to go with my pencil skirts without needing an ad exec’s salary to afford them.

The first is this gorgeous and playful amethyst cocktail ring. Royal purple, blue and a hint of mother of pearl are a perfect color pallet for a 1960’s style outfit. It’s fashionable, but demands to be taken seriously. I can see Peggy wearing this one.

Second, the giant swirl on this luscious black pearl ring make it the perfect accessory for sleek evening dress. Mrs. Draper, anyone?

And third, this chunky squares of inky black and bright yellow onyx on this bracelet are sultry and eye catching without saying too much. Perfect for the Joan’s among us. You know who you are. No sense trying to hide it.

Take a look for yourselves and keep trend spotting with Mad Men on Sunday nights.

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