Top 6 ways to care for your jewelry on vacation

Care for your jewelry in the summertime.Whether you favor impromptu weekend drives to the beach or weeklong stays at exotic locales, there is bound to be some wear and tear on your jewelry during the warmer months. Here are a few things that every woman should know when it comes to summertime jewelry care.

1) Store: Keep a small jewelry bag in your purse at all times. This will be ideal for spontaneous trips to the shore, and will ensure that your favorite pieces are never lost, damaged or tangled if you take them off to soak up some sun. Stash the case in the glove compartment box of your car, or keep it close by in your beach bag.

2) Protect: Take your jewelry off before applying sunscreen. The products in protective creams and lotions are not as good for your jewelry as they are for your skin. Be sure to remove bracelets, necklaces and chandelier earrings before applying.

3) Precaution: Don’t wear your jewelry in the water. Whether you’re poolside, oceanside or lakeside, there might be chemicals and materials in the water that are bound to be bad for your accessories. To keep jewelry in tip-top shape, be sure to remove it before taking a dip.

4) Secure: On long trips, check to ensure that your hotel has a safe in the room for your more valuable pieces. If there is no safe available, be sure to keep valuables tucked out of sight in your lugage, or on your person at all time.

5) TLC: Show your favorite pieces some love. After a vacation, give your diamonds, pearls and other favorite pieces a thorough cleaning to remove any dirt, sand or chemicals.

6) Customs: Because some countries may charge duties or other fees if you can’t prove that your items were brought from home, it’s important to keep the correct paperwork with you when traveling. A receipt or certificate of authenticity acquired at the time of purchase should be sufficient.

When preparing for your next holiday, be sure to keep these tips in mind to ensure a stylish and worry-free vacation.


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