Wear two sets of wedding day jewelry

Dangling earrings are perfect for a bride's wedding reception.This season, one of the hottest trends for brides-to-be is picking out two wedding dresses for your big day. Celebrities like such as Carrie Underwood have chosen to don an elaborate ball gown for their vows, then changed into a more casual number for the reception. Girls who want to embrace this fad can also switch up their jewelry. Conventional pieces may be ideal for walking down the aisle, but fun items might be more appropriate when you’re hitting the dance floor.

At the ceremony, brides could opt for items such as a classic set of pearls or diamond stud earrings. The traditional jewels will be appreciated, as wedding ceremonies are typically the most conservative portion of the event.

For the reception, change into flirty, trendier pieces like dangling chandelier earrings or large bold pendants. Look for modern and sophisticated styles that complement your dress and are comfortable to wear all night long.

A wedding is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so take advantage of the many style options available. Be sure to take two sets of pictures so you can remember both versions of your wedding-day ensemble.


One thought on “Wear two sets of wedding day jewelry

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