Moroccan jewelry is both beautiful and trendy

Turquoise will evoke feelings of Morocco.Moroccan jewelry is signified by its mixture of colorful minerals and precious metals. Combinations of coral, turquoise and gold are often worn by the natives of the country and those who travel to the hot spot.

When it comes to specific designs, one of the most notable aspects of Moroccan jewelry is its use of the hamsa symbol. This figure, which is in the shape of a hand, is believed to ward off the evil eye, an evil force traditionally believed to elicit bad luck.

Women who want to wear Moroccan-inspired jewelry have many different options available to them. Girls can don bold bracelets that showcase both turquoise and gold, or put on earrings that feature gold and coral. The look is perfect for the warmer months.

The hamsa symbol is also very trendy at the moment. Lauren Conrad was recently spotted wearing a diamond-encrusted hamsa pendant, and Nicole Richie was photographed with a gold hamsa charm bracelet on her wrist.

Every country has its own contributions to the world. Women can thank Morocco for providing some of the most beautiful jewelry.

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