60s-inspired jewelry can be both funky and classy

A string of pearls is both nostalgic and trendy.The ’60s were a time of love, peace and – of course – great fashion. Jewelry from the era is often revered as some of the loveliest of any decade.

Feeling inspired by this time period and wearing ’60s-influenced pieces doesn’t mean a girl has to look outdated. In fact, this trend is coming back into fashion as celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel and Evan Rachel Wood have been spotted embracing it at several red carpet events.

The first way for women to incorporate this style into their look is by turning to the fashion of one particular group of people – hippies. Colorful items such as beaded bangle bracelets or Lucite necklaces are modern pieces that still bring to mind the spirit of the infamous era.

Those who want to mirror the iconic look of Audrey Hepburn also have many options. Putting on several strings of pearls at once will evoke memories of the decade and yet still feel fresh.

Wearing great jewelry is also about making daring choices. Look for ’60s-era pieces to make your mark at work, a party, or event.

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