How to shop with a jewelry allergy

Jewelry allergies aren't the end of the world.Can you be allergic to jewelry? The short answer, sadly, is yes. However, women who find themselves sensitive to certain items can still go shopping for their favorite pieces.

If you experience discomfort or redness when wearing jewelry, you are likely allergic to one of the metals present. Nickel, zinc and copper are often mixed with silver and gold to help harden the more malleable metals. It’s probable that one of these components is making you uncomfortable.

Women who find themselves in this situation can start off by shopping for stainless steel pieces. This metal contains a small amount of nickel, but it is so tightly bound that it will not reach your skin.

Choosing items made from pure gold or silver is another option, as women are unlikely to be allergic to the elements.

Finally, jewelry that is plated in rhodium is another solution. The plating is used mostly on white gold and gives it a shiny, finished look. It also serves as a barrier between your skin and the metal. However, this is only a temporary solution, as it eventually wears off and will need to be replated.

Keeping skin dry and clean may also prove helpful. While it may be difficult to stop sweating, keep in mind that perspiration can be a catalyst for allergic reactions, as salt reacts with metals.

Be sure that no soap residue is left on your body after bathing. Soap breaks down the barrier between your skin and the jewelry, which will lead to further irritation.

Those who are allergic to jewelry shouldn’t give up on wearing their favorite items. Beauty is pain, but it doesn’t have to be itchy!ADNFCR-2807-ID-19805801-ADNFCR

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