Fashion Advice From: Dad

Working dad
Working dad juggles it all
Father’s day is in just a few weeks. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to get stumped. I met Patrick, who you see to the left, as he was watching his youngest at an outdoor cafe and decided to get some advice. Here’s what he had to say:

Me: Dad’s often get a bum wrap when it comes to fashion – as being slobs or perpetually behind the times. Do you think it’s deserved?

Patrick: No! Well, ok, maybe. (Pause). For many, perhaps yes. I try pretty hard not to become the butt of that joke.

Me: So what do you do to avoid it?

Patrick: Here’s my secret – pretend your wife is always about to leave you for a well-dressed man. And then be that well-dressed man.

Me: Do you pick out the clothes for your kids?

Patrick: Well, I’ve got a little one, so we’ll see what happens there. Unfortunately for me, both my older kids had very strong senses of their own personal style from a pretty young age, so I never got to take out some of my more creative ideas on those canvases. Trying to tell them what to wear – or not wear – was a one way street to a temper tantrum. I guess think they take after me in that way. You should have seen the fit I threw at Diesel the other day when they tried to suggest a different sweater. Fists pumping the ground, tears streaming down my reddened face, it was something else.

Me: So what’s some fashion advice you have for men out there?

Patrick: Fewer clothes, but better clothes.

Me: What do you think of jewelry for men?

Patrick: Anything’s fair game until you sell out to the man and have to show up to an office everyday. But I always wear my P-Diddy diamond-studded bling right under my work shirt. Represent.

Me: Really?

Patrick: No.

Me: Why is it that dad’s are so much harder to buy a gift for than mom’s?

Patrick: Hmmm….maybe women are just better at expressing what they want?

Me: Ok, so what would you want for Fathers Day?

Patrick: Anything but more socks or ties, PLEASE! Let me think about it. Ok, I got something. Cufflinks. Most of the time we just fake it, but few things make a man feel more like he’s actually a grown-up professional than cufflinks.

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