Color your life with turquoise jewelry

Turquoise is a wonderful stone.Turquoise is a beautiful stone that many women love, but most don’t know too much about. At the most basic level, it’s an opaque blue-green mineral. The stone is formed when water permeates rocks that contain copper and aluminum, resulting in a chemical process that produces beautiful deposits. So you have Mother Nature to thank for them.

And while the color turquoise is universal, the mineral can range from blue to green to yellow. If the stone has more aluminum, it’s likely to appear green, while zinc will lend it a golden hue.

Turquoise is formed in all parts of the world, especially in Iran and the Sinai Peninsula. However, girls can find this beautiful stone closer to home, as it is also produced in the Southwestern United States.

When purchasing jewelry, women don’t need to solely stock up on diamonds and pearls. Colorful stones such as turquoise are bound to leave you looking fabulous.

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