How to resize a ring – the basics

It's easy to resize a ring.While our adoration for our rings remains constant, there’s one detail that often changes with time – ring size.

Women who lose or gain weight often find their lovely finger adornments slipping off or becoming too tight to wear comfortably. So what can women do to prevent this?

Resizing a ring isn’t as difficult as you might think. The process can be cheap and might take only an afternoon in between running other errands.

Women who have shed a few pounds may also consider putting spacers on their ring. For example, sizing beads can be soldered onto the bottom part of the piece. These are small droplets of the same metal of your ring, which will provide a more comfortable fit.

Those who have noticed the scale fluctuating may consider getting a ring extension. Half of the original ring will be removed and replaced by a new shank – which is the bottom and lower sides of the ring – that opens and closes easily

Remember, taking a few extra steps to ensure your rings are comfortable and secure will be great for your state of mind – as well as your wardrobe.

Are you looking for your current ring size? Downloaded our ring sizer! ADNFCR-2807-ID-19785032-ADNFCR

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