Give the gift of jewelry at a baby shower

Give a mom-to-be a pair of gorgeous pink diamond stud earringsJewelry for a new mom is a great surprise. While she’s concerned with what to give the baby, she may forget to spoil herself. But it’s important to follow these steps before heading to the jewelry store.

It’s crucial to choose baby-friendly pieces that won’t snag on the sensitive skin of little ones. Pearl bracelets and smooth rings are perfect because they won’t scratch.

It’s also important to choose pieces that are simple and aren’t going to get in the way of the babies curious hands. Stud earrings are ideal, because babies may pull on hoop or long dangling earrings.

If you want to go for a necklace try something small and simple that hangs close to the body so it will be out of the babies reach. Stay away from big pendants or long chains.

Jewelry is a great gift for expectant mothers, but remember to keep in mind these tips to make sure both mom – and baby – are happy.


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