Get Red Carpet Ready

Dramatic bracelets and rings have you red carpet ready in no time!
Dramatic bracelets and rings have you red carpet ready in no time!
I’m multi-tasking like crazy right now! I’ve got my eyes glued to the TV screen checking out all the best (and worst) in fashion the Academy Awards have to offer this year. Be sure to check back in the coming days to learn how you too can Sparkle Like the Stars and get the looks you’ve seen on the stars of the silver screen.

One of the quickest ways to get that star studded look is to don a bold and beautiful bracelet. A great choice is this fabulous emerald, ruby, sapphire & diamond bracelet. It will add a trendy twist to your everyday attire or even complete your red carpet look.

No matter if you are looking to dress up a casual look or if you want to give a feminine edge to a serious workday suit, a stylish and versatile bracelet is the perfect way to turn up the sparkle.

A bling ring is another quick and easy way to add a touch of Hollywood style to any ensemble. Clothing fashions may come and go but diamonds, as they say, are forever.

To get the bold look of the ring pictured here, check out this diamond and white gold dome ring. It’s a versatile look that is perfect for fun formal occasions but also just right for a night out on the town too. With seventy-seven sparkling, round diamonds this ring will get you noticed in Hollywood or your neighborhood.

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    Cheers for the informative article – I enjoyed reading it! I always love reading this blog.


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