3 jewelry essentials for this season

A chunky watch will come in handy this spring. The runways have been full of floaty dresses and pastel prints, but the jewelry that’s poised to become popular in the coming seasons is anything but subtle.

Here are three essentials that every girl should outfit herself with before heading out to frolic in the sunshine.

1. A long statement necklace. You know that we have been singing the praises of statement necklaces for a while, but a long, grounding chain will be key for any ladies who don’t want to look like they wandered off the set of a Disney movie in one of the season’s girlish frocks. Go for a simple thick chain or spice things up with a long layered necklace embellished with gemstones.

2. A chunky watch. We prefer gold watches, because it’s coming back in a big way and has a vintage charm, but if you’re a silver or stainless steel girl, go for it. Just choose a timepiece that will add a hip edge to your more feminine pieces.

3. Bold earrings. If you prefer chiffon or silk ensembles, large earrings with enamel embellishments in floral designs will be the perfect complement to your style. And this season, you can feel free to go as bold as you want (within reason . . . if they’re bigger than your fist you might have taken things a little too far!).

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