The guys guide to choosing a watch

Put some thought into your watch guys!If your watch has duct tape holding the battery in place, requires a paper clip to wind it up or employs staples to keep the leather band in one piece, it’s time to get a new one.

Unfortunately, many men walk into a department store and are overwhelmed by a line of silver and gold wristbands gleaming up at them under the fluorescent lights.

Here are three things that guys can keep in mind when they’re in the marker for a new time piece.

1. It needs to be comfortable. When you’re presented with a lot of fancy options, sometimes the simplest requirements slip your mind. However, because you’ll be wearing this thing for most of your waking hours, try it on and make sure that it doesn’t chafe, pinch or rub against your skin.

2. Consider your needs. If you’re a rock climber who makes frequent forays into the wilderness, or deep sea diver, a water proof watch with a compass might be necessary. However, if you just want something to wear to work, a more basic model may suit your purposes just fine.

3. It should match your style. You’ll put on your watch every morning, so pick one that will fit in with your wardrobe and express who you are.

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