New York Fashion Week showcases bold jewelry items

Attention-grabbing necklaces have been popular at New York Fashion Week. If what’s happening on the runway at New York’s Fashion Week is any indication of what fashionistas can expect for Fall 2010, (and it always is), it’s time to start stocking up on bold, chunky necklaces and edgy pieces.

"Each season, accessories seem to become more and more important because it’s less expensive to buy accessories than to buy new clothes," Ruth Finley, publisher of The Fashion Calendar, told Reuters.

So what should you look for to remain fashion-forward without dropping a ton of cash? Simple statement pieces like large or chunky chain necklaces in silver might be especially popular, as will thick bracelets.

Designers also suggested to the news source that tough and strong looks with a futuristic or street-wise vibes will be all the rage.

This is great news for girls who love jewelry, as it means you can streamline your wardrobe and add variety and interest by throwing on a few killer accessories. And what could be simpler than that?

Start stocking up now so that you’ll beat the rush and get your pick of fancy baubles and innovative designs.

One thought on “New York Fashion Week showcases bold jewelry items

  1. Rajath February 23, 2010 / 10:42 am

    Great round-up of tutorials Pearl. I’ve tried a couple of these before and I’ll be interested to see how the rest turn out


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