Airport offers password to prevent diamond engagement rings from being uncovered

Travelers who know the password won't have their diamond ring uncovered in security!This Valentine’s Day, men who had planned to surprise their girlfriends with a diamond engagement ring during a romantic getaway could prevent airport security from spoiling the big reveal, but only if they knew the secret phrase!

Because Manchester Airport is one of the few locations to have implemented full-body scanners, men who chose to carry the ring on their person would be found out if their significant other happened to look at the scanned image.

To get around this issue on the romantic holiday and prevent any surprise proposal from being ruined, Manchester Airport’s security personnel agreed to take anyone who uttered “Be my Valentine” behind a screen for a private search.

While we think that’s a good thing for possible grooms-to-be to know, only forward-thinking men who called ahead would have known to do that!

Guys who are poised to pop the question could investigate the baggage check policy of their departure location to find out if there are any special procedures or secret passwords that can help them keep their diamond ring under wraps.

2 thoughts on “Airport offers password to prevent diamond engagement rings from being uncovered

  1. Sarah Gold February 20, 2010 / 1:43 pm

    I don't get it. Rings don't make sensors go off or everyone would get beeped every time since most people wear rings of some sort and most women bring extra jewelry in their bags without any incident. I think this is a false story.


  2. meganmullin March 2, 2010 / 11:16 am

    Actually, I believe it's the metal in the ring box that sets off the sensors. And it can absolutely happen because it happened to my uncle. He lives in Florida, and was going to propose during a trip to Cape Cod. He hid the ring box in his sock and it set off all the security alarms and security wands. So there he was, spread-eagled and being searched by airport security, with his potential fiancée looking on. Just as a security guard pulled the box out of his sock, he looked at her apologetically and proposed right then and there. 😉


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