Is the shoulder jewelry trend a do or a don’t?

Would you accessorize bare shoulders with jewelry?When shoulder jewelry first began popping up as a topic of discussion, it seemed like an avant garde accessory that might make for an interesting accent to one of Lady Gaga’s casual weekend outfits.

But now that there have actually been a few street sightings of ladies who are out and about and wearing these beyond-bold accessories, we decided to weigh in.

First of all, though a bare shoulder is elegant for an evening out, any jewelry item that encourages tube tops or corsets is not a-okay in our book.

Secondly, these crazy epaulet-inspired pieces are not exactly subtle. They might work for a concert, or a performance artist who enjoys deconstructing the military presence in our lives, but that’s where it ends.

When all is said and done, why not just throw on a statement necklace?
It will garner less bemused stares and you might actually receive a few compliments. (Unless you like bemused stares, in which case, shoulder jewelry might be just the thing for you).ADNFCR-2807-ID-19604222-ADNFCR

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