Drop hints to get the diamond ring of your dreams

Don't be shy about what you want this Valentine's Day!Okay, now no pressure, but it’s less than t-minus one week until Valentine’s Day. While we’re sure that you’ve had the perfect gift for your guy picked out, wrapped and hidden by the laundry machine (where he’s guaranteed not to look) for weeks, you know that your significant other might not have been so forward thinking.

In fact, he might be in panic mode right now. If you’re feeling generous and would like to help him out, drop a few hints as to the bling that you have your eye on. Who knows – there might even be an engagement ring in your future!

If you’re hoping for a diamond ring that will catch the light in a black out, point out other girl’s rings and say things like, “Hm, that ring is really pretty but if she had opted for micropavé with a round brilliant-cut diamond her ring might have a little more sparkle.”

Then pretend he didn’t hear you and say it again, slowly and clearly.

If you like old-fashioned rings with modern accents, say something like Edwardian-inspired diamond rings have so much charm and unique beauty.

Then write that sentence down and tape it to the refrigerator.

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