Contrasting stones, materials create unique statement pieces

Mix silver, bronze and pearls for an effortlessly innovative look. A popular trend in jewelry this season is the mixing of different tones and textures. Silver and gold are no longer polarizing, (rejoice!) so feel free to mix and match your favorite accessories from both ends of the spectrum.

However, mixing semi-precious stones with more luxurious gems, like diamonds, rubies or emeralds, will create a look that is new and fresh. This new style is a bit freeing, as it allows women to uninhibitedly combine their favorite pieces, and it has also led to some cool new items that are a statement all by themselves.

For example, InTouch magazine recently featured a bronze cuff bracelet that was embellished with rose quartz, faux pearls and Swarvoski crystals. The combination of casual materials like bronze with high-fashion pearls creates an utterly wearable piece that will work anywhere, anytime.

Pair a similar item with a pair of jeans or a cocktail dress. Either way, you’re sure to attract attention (in the good way – not in the Lindsay Lohan at a club way).

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