Get ready for Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped jewelry

Heart-shaped accessories will lend a fun vibe to your look. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so why not add a few heart-shaped pieces to your daily ensemble?

We’re sure you have a few cool and unique jewelry pieces on your wish list, but in the weeks leading up to the big day, traditional gold lockets boast a vintage charm. And you can feel free to play with the iconic shape to keep your look young and fresh.

Why not wear a small, delicate heart necklace on a thick gold chain? The contrast will keep the piece interesting while allowing you to show your Valentine’s Day spirit. Similarly, you could pair your heart-shaped trinket with other charms on one chain for a luxe look. We love gold and turquoise or coral together because the combination is so unexpected.

Looking for other ways to sneak the shape into your daily wardrobe this month? Try a beaded heart-shaped charm on a simple chain, or look for heart-shaped earrings for a cute and simple look.

Of course, heart-shaped diamonds (or any diamonds, really) take the cake on V-day, so whether you have your eyes on a glittering diamond necklace or sparkling diamond earrings, be sure to make your wishes known!

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